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Zanzibar has a lot to offer our guests. Take a  dive in the clear blue Indian ocean, discover secret passageways in old Stone Town and smell the  spices the island is famous for! There are many things to do when staying here, we will  tell you about a selection of them. If you are interested, ask us for more! To pre-book a tour/activity, let us know in an email. 

Mnemba Island

The stunning turquoise sea isn't the only   selling point of a trip to Mnemba Island.  Did you know that Mnemba island is one of the top 10 destinations for snorkelling and diving? Take a day trip and discover underwater sea life as you have never seen before. Go snorkelling or diving  and  spot a rare species of fish or a sea turtle! And if you are lucky, you might get  treated with  a little show of dolphins !

Stone Town

The entire old town of Zanzibar, also known as 'Stone Town', is registered as UNESCO World Heritage site. Famous for its building style with coral rock and narrow streets, you can actively   feel the Arab influence on the island. Take a guided tour and discover how the local news is being passed on, taste coffee made with local spices and learn more about the  origin of Zanzibari culture. 

Spice Farm

Cloves have been around since the Portugees controlled the trade from Zanzibar in the 16th century. Many other spices have    been cultivated since long on the island, hence earning the name 'Spice Island'.  There are still many operating spice farms on the island which are happy to show our guests around and explain all about  growing, harvesting and the uses of local spices. Come and smell the Zanzibar perfumes! 

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