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Here we are, Maarten, José, Mats (2015) and Fee (2017). Since 2014  we have been planning to move abroad. Slightly delayed because of the arrival of our children    we finally made the leap and packed our bags to move to Zanzibar in 2019.  We have had plans to build our own piece of paradise    since a long time and now in 2021 we are finally ready to welcome you all!


We have tried to create    a  comfortable place to stay with lots of commodities and a luxury touch.  There are 4 villas, each one slightly different. Our    Kijani and Zawadi  both   have   2 bedrooms and the  Forest Green and Beach Blue both have 3 bedrooms.   Each of our villas has  a/c,    2 private terraces and to top it off: a plunge pool on the top terrace!  Our complemantary breakfast can be served on your own terrace or be enjoyed in our stylish designed restaurant.   

We  will assist you in creating    your perfect holiday stay:    whether you need a babysitter, a tour, the nearest pharmacy or the  best massage. 

Since we are a new hotel, our team has lots of energy to provide you with the best service!


We have always been aware of the challenges the island faces, one of them being the waste handling. Since there is no general plumbing system on Zanzibar, every place needs to have its own septic tank for example. Our waste disposal system (septic tank)  is  influanced by the principles of permaculture. Through a series of filters, the grey water can be reused to water the garden. So our watercircle goes around twice, saving us and the planet a lot of water.  From the raw food waste we create our own compost to nourish our garden. For our other waste we work together with Zanrec, a company started to help the government manage the waste on the island by (at the moment partially) recycling waste. There are many beautiful initiatives  who  recycle waste into nice products like Ozti and Chako. The Permaculture Design Institute  offers training and courses for locals and foreigners to learn the principles of permaculture to anyone intersted. A cause we support warmly. 

In this light we kindly ask our guests to use resources with  care: use the a/c only when you feel it is   needed, take care of your towels to prevent unnecessary use of water  and  seperate your waste into the  appropriate wastebins. Our restaurant serves  small and large  portions of all dishes to accomodate everyonesappetite,  big or small. This also  helps us to   prevent food waste. 

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